Residential Multi Tenant

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Asset Tracking

Keep an eye on the things you value most. We can help minimize your vulnerability with the power of GPS and geofencing technologies. We alert you when any portable asset leave its designated area, and can assist with it’s recovery. A discrete sensor is placed on the asset that needs extra protection. All property has […]


Virtual Doorman Service

A building with a doorman? I feel safer already. A doorman indicates better quality with certain conveniences as well as providing a better sense of security. They handle postal workers, deliveries and more while keeping solicitors away. Occupants can expect certain conveniences not to mention heightened security. Screening all kinds of visitors from postal, deliveries […]


Repair / Maintenance Services

Servicing Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk County Long island. At EZ Switch we firmly believe that as long as it’s more cost effective to maintain an existing system that serves the owner’s needs, we’ll keep it running. With the proper care, Intercom systems, access control systems, and alarms can last a long time. Even […]


Flood / Frost alarms

Water leak sensors Fire protection is mandated by law in many jurisdictions to minimize loss of life. However, when it comes to property loss, water leaks and freezing temperatures can rival the damage caused by fires. Water detection sensors placed in key locations and connected to a monitored alarm system can alert you to a […]


CCTV / Surveillance systems

EZ Switch Surveillance cameras can capture any angle in modern buildings. Serving as protection from property loss and damage. With so many CCTV and Security Camera systems on the market today, Which is the right one? Are you getting full use of the one you may already have? Whether you buy one from us, or […]


Access Control

Access control is connected to everything today from our emails, bank accounts, social media and more. At this point, emails and passwords aren’t used, so we use access keypads, access cards, and modern bio-metric systems. (Facial recognition/fingerprints/iris scanners) We have the solution for your access control needs. From keypads to cards, to modern biometric systems. […]


Building Intercom Systems

There are many CCTV/Security Camera systems on the market today. Whether you buy one from us, or just want one installed, we would be glad to help.