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Repairs and Maintenance

Whether it’s an intercom, an access control panel, or a CCTV system, sooner or later equipment breaks down. We are here to help. We diagnose and repair systems from dozens of manufacturers, whether we installed them, or someone else did, our repair team is ready to assist. Our technicians are happy to repair your intercoms, […]


Intercoms / Video Intercoms

Whether upgrading an aging system or creating a new solution from scratch, we have you covered. Telephone dialing systems Telephone dialing systems call a designated phone number for each tenant unit. They are perfect for situations where the existing wiring is damaged. Intercom functionality will be maintained either by dialing the home phone number or the […]


Asset Tracking

If you are running a commercial facility, asset tracking and asset protection should work hand in hand. If you are running a residential facility, please check out our section for COOPs, HOAs, and Resident Managers. Whether your property employs snowblowers, fork lifts, large lawnmowers, front loaders, or other mobile equipment, we will help you keep […]


CCTV / Video Management Systems

Weatherproof outdoor cameras. Cameras with extended IR illumination that can reach out past 100′. Cameras with built-in two-way voice. Heated cameras for snowy/icy environments. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras with a pre-programmed patrol pattern to cover larger areas. Miniature cameras located at face level to see the face of the hoodie/hat wearing visitor.


Burglar Alarms / Panic Buttons

Door contacts, motion detectors and glass break sensors are a great start. Add safe sensors, separate secured partitions (zones) that can be armed/disarmed separately (money rooms, safes, server rooms) , water leak sensors and temperature alerts (for refrigerators, boilers, incubators) and now your system is ready to protect your valuables.


Access Control Systems

Whether upgrading an aging system or creating a new solution from scratch, we have you covered.


Centralized Access Control Management

Monitor all of your assets from a centralized location. Whether it’s multiple buildings on campus or distant warehouses throughout the world, they can all be supervised from a single centralized location.


Network / Telephone Wiring

Cat 5, Cat 6, or fiber, our trained technicians are ready to install your new wiring. If your electrician already handled the wiring, we would be happy to terminate the wires, patch them into panels, and install the keystones. We test every installation we work on. We can also certify and create a report for […]


Video Doorman / Video Concierge

One major perk of an upscale building is having a doorman on the premises. No missed packages. Someone to help you bring things in. Someone to hold the umbrella when the weather is not cooperating.