Our Ideas

A New York State Licensed Alarm installation and Sevicing company, RAB Maintenance has been around since 2008.

Predict the Weather

Sprinkler watering times adjust automatically based on past rainfall, temperature, humidity, and even weather forecast. Motorized shades and blinds in south facing rooms automatically close on warm, sunny days to keep your house cool and open on cold winer days to your home stay warm.

Dinner Time

Set the mood by dimming the lights and playing music with the press of one button. Turn off the TV and Video Games to encourage your kids to join the meal. Turn off the lights outside your kitchen and dining area all with one switch.

Vacation Home

Get alerted if temperatures in your vacation home become dangerous (whether the pipes are in danger of freezing or the aquarium is getting too warm),. View what’s going on from remotely controllable cameras. Have the water shut off automatically if the temperatures become dangerous or if a leak is detected


Motion detector controlled light inside the garage makes sure you can see your way even if your hands are too full to flip the switch. Garage door sensor and a bed-side controller alert you that you left the garage door open. You can even close it with a push of a button. Alternately, a delay timer on the garage door will shut it automatically after a pre-determined amount of time.